Evangelism for Modern America

You've tried to do evangelism, but you just can't get anywhere. You get questions and objections and doors slammed in your face.

You've given up that you can every carry out the Great Commission. You've given up on evangelism. You feel helpless, overwhelmed, defeated. If this describes you, Forcefully Advancing is for you!

Developed for individual and small group study, Forcefully Advancing (FA) is not just another evangelism training book: It is a revolution in evangelism, a new model that equips Christians to become a genuine friend to the lost, and through that friendship labor for conversion.

FA is not a door-to-door or confrontational approach, and, therefore, makes evangelism easier for the average Christian by reducing fear.

FA will help every Christian carry out the Great Commission in modern, secular America, and thereby bring lasting, biblical change to our great land.

Here’s what it will do for every Christian who reads it:

  • Equip you with a natural approach to evangelism. You’ll learn how to make friends, start conversations, understand spiritual background and barriers, overcome objections, and share the message of Jesus. Study alone or in small groups.
  • Train you to deal with objections to the gospel. You'll learn the types of questions you'll get (about God, Jesus, the Bible, and science, among others) and a process for answering them.
  • Show you how to organize your church or small group for ongoing, consistent evangelism. Many evangelism strategies fail because they don’t create a system that provides ongoing training, communication, and accountability. FA overcomes this weakness.
  • Shock you with a clear picture of the future of our nation if things continue on their present course. In this book, you’ll meet a man named Carter Fitzgerald as he receives a frightening vision of the future of America.
  • Educate you with a detailed analysis and critique of common church growth and cultural change philosophies. You’ll see how the politicized faith of many believers is not found in the N. T., and how politics cannot save our land. Further, you’ll hear how modern church growth models are failing miserably in biblical terms.

Let FA train you to start doing evangelism in modern, secular America today!

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